Before Sockpuppet, there was Fallen Angel

1998: the London art world is about to be wowed by the daring stunts of maverick artist Jon Mangan. But his shady fixer is pursuing other opportunities… opportunities that will lead them into the internet’s dark side.

2000: the dot com bubble is starting to burst. Someone just hacked a government department and software ace Sean Perce is under suspicion. He needs to cash up and escape his failing startup firm – and fast. Because the bodies are about to start piling up…

Now these two childhood friends will find their worlds colliding, triggering a spiral of mayhem, death and computer viruses.


This 100-page micro-thriller is part of The Martingale Cycle.  

Buying Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is available now as an ebook. Click on the link to the right to buy it from Amazon.

Amazon have really been championing this story. They recently made it the lead fiction title in the Kindle Singles programme. “A remarkable story from the gifted author of SOCKPUPPET.” they said. “Highly recommended.”