Interzone on Sockpuppet

In his review of Sockpuppet (Interzone #264) Shaun Green writes:

"A strength of Blakstad’s first novel is its characters [...] A rough-edged bunch, variously sympathetic and unpleasant, they pursue their own interests and often do a bad job of it, dramatically clashing before deciding to work together. They’re convincing because of what they pursue and how they react to uncertainty, which is in no short supply. When Blakstad explores a little of what happens when public opinion and the internet turn on a woman, it’s genuinely discomfiting – as the judgement of misogynist internet courts demonstrably has been. His rendering of government is plausible in a The Thick of It sort of way, and his Shoreditch tech startup does read more like a coder bolthole than Nathan Barley.”

Although he takes issue with some of the technical details in the book (and by the way, I'm happy to debate those with you, Shaun!) he says, 

“as a thriller with a geek suit on it’s a really fun ride. Plus, Dani Farr is a splendidly memorable protagonist: foul-mouthed, antisocial, extremely clever with computers but awful with people, not conventionally attractive, and into rough sex. Hurrah for tech and her fellow travellers.”