The Crime Warp on Sockpuppet

The excellent Crime Warp blog has posted a really positive review of the Sockpuppet audiobook. They say: 

The range of characters was great- techno nerds who only interact online, craven politicians and devious civil servants – all inhabiting a plot that kept me guessing.  The slow reveal knits together in the last hour of the narration, when it becomes clear who has been pulling the strings all along.  

I always like getting positive responses from crime fiction fans. Although Sockpuppet has elements of near-future SF, at its heart it’s a mystery thriller. So it’s great to see The Crime Warp write:

I really engaged with this novel and although there’s a lot of tech involved, you don’t need to be a hardcore techno nerd to enjoy it.

Final verdict – whether you’re a nerd or not, an easy yes!