Cover to Cover on Sockpuppet

First review of the paperback edition of Sockpuppet is this scorcher from Liz (aka Liis) Scanlon. It's a writer’s dream. Liz clearly had a really visceral response to the book: 

Well, I’ll be damned! Sockpuppet took me on a thrilling reading journey. Very (very, very) current, humorous, rude and so darned realistic. Sockpuppet delivered geek to the max, a good number of twists, some moments where my jaw dropped, a good character set and authentic human relationships in the midst of technological miracles and meltdowns.

But more than that, over the course of the review she really unpicks its different levels and themes.  It's incredibly gratifying as a writer, to see a response like this from a reader who's clearly taking everything in, while also being pulled along by the story.

Don’t ask me how Blakstad managed to pull this all together into a coherent story but damn, did it work.

Thanks, Liz!

Read the full review here.