Winners of Sockpuppet/Soho Radio giveaway announced

In March, I guested on Bibi Lynch’s Soho Radio show, Bibi Does Soho. I had the best fun. We talked Sockpuppet, social media misdemeanours, and the geological half-life of Donald Trump's hair. We also invited listeners to share their worst online disasters. The winners received copies of Sockpuppet, plus a host of other goodies:

Bibi won the competition hands down, with her tale of a tweet that ended with her being questioned at the police station (😳 😳 😳 ) we thought it was only fair to give the prizes to listeners rather than the presenter of the show.

The lucky winners were  @storywhispers, @Elsbellsblue and @mattlibrarian off the Twitter. 

You can stream the show here. I'm in the second hour, starting at 58 minutes. Enjoy!